Hello Expert Advisor!

An Expert Advisor is a piece of software written specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. An Expert Advisor can just advise traders which trades to make or can be programmed to automatically execute the trades on a live account.

Expert Advisors are very flexible pieces of software that can take any information into account that is available on the Metatrader platform. They are written in their own proprietary programming language called MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language Version 4).

Forex trading is a 24 hour market. It just so happens that being awake for 24 hours isn’t good for humans, but a machine can trade for days on end without a break. With a well programmed system you can to catch Forex moves while you’re sleeping.

Most people consider Forex software because it removes emotions from the equation. An automated system trades by the rules you set with no exceptions, meaning no meaningless trades, and no staying in trades that should be closed.

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